2006-02-08 Ottawa


To Ottawa to do the International Law MootÖwe were put up at a quite nice hotel and with a budget! But were there to moot, and it thankfully came together at the right time. It was challenging and fun. In the end we werenít ranked as highly as we thought we should be. This was somewhat (okay, very) embittering. However, we still had a good time in the nationís capital. We skated on the canal in the very cold (-20C). Good meals, fun clubs, and visits to the National Gallery and the new War Museum. I also managed to meet up with Tanya a couple times, which was a nice bonus.


2006-02-12 Toronto


Home for one of the quickest weeks of my life.I actually resolved to begin the great catch-up of all the work that I hadnít been doing because of the moot.I even went to UofT library for an afternoon and a half, although it didnít amount to that much work.Did mean that I managed to hang out with Melanie for an afternoon. Also had lunch with John. Saw Robyn for all of fifteen minutes (the 30 minute commute each way meant that I didnít have more time to spend in the beaches). Lindsay arrived from Montreal on Wednesday, and after a quick tour around the city (mostly for my benefit).


2006-02-19 Vancouver


A return to Vancouver and my last semester at UBC proper. Schedule was much more open with the moot out of the way, however plenty of time was devoted to getting the Law Review Out.


2006-02-24 Calgary


Went to Calgary for Lindsayís Momís fiftieth and also for the joyous chance to avoid school for four days. Didnít do too much except play numerous games of Fifa (joy!), enjoy the cold and the snow, and hang around Calgary.Went for CrÍpes in the evening with Linds, hung out with Andy Chan for a Sunday afternoon and had a tasty Thai meal with Gill on her lunchtime break from PetroCan.


2006-04-15 Vancouver


Weekend away did not happen in the form that it usually does, but there was the briefest of gatherings for Julie, Meg, Lesley, Lins, and I as there was a chance convergencein Vancouver. We ate Sushi at Casa Meatella and then Meg kindly drove us to the airport.


2006-04-16 Glasgow


With the end of the semester, Lins and I flew off to Scotland to begin a typical lightening quick tour round Western Europe. It was very patient of Lins to be willing to go along at such a pace. The trip began with a charter flight to Glasgow; it is so nice to have some one (you know) to sleep on on the plane. We caught the shuttle bus from the airport, drove through the sketchy part of town down to Queen Street Station and it was off to Edinburgh.


2006-04-16 Edinburgh


One of the most anticipated elements of this trip was to visit the Scottish incarnation of Rita and Stu. Unfortunately, their Scotian existence did not provide Rita with an immunity to the flu, so we barely saw Rita as she was bedridden for much of our time there. Stu came out for a bit of sightseeing with us whenever his attentive care of Rita allowed. Otherwise we did some tourist wanderings to the Castle, Greyfriars Bobby and such.


Another feature of the trip was surprising my sister, who was just back from Nepal and staying with my Great Aunt and Uncle. We popped in when Sheena and kids where visiting, so it was a good chance to see a whole bunch of peopleÖand we would return to surprise Grandad and Phyllis as they too were touring Scotland.