Ulm 2005-12-17


To Ulm, through the snowstorm, to Annetteís, to the Weihnachtsmarkt (but of course!).the next dayafter a fine breakfast with Hausgebackene Bretzlen.


2005-12-19 London


Briefly Passed through London on the way to Toronto. A shame it was so warm and there wasnít snow, because London is pretty heavy into Christmas. The Christmas Market outside of the Natural History Museum wasnít as great compared to the other ones that Iíve seen on this trip.




Back home for another Christmas. It is the most consistent element of my year and I have no complaints about that. It would be nice if there was plenty of snow.


Vancouver 2006-01-04


Another semester in Vancouver. This one was punctuated by the focus on mooting. All my other classes took a bit of a back seat to it.They were a number of trips downtown to practice and be coached by real lawyers. I canít say that I rose to the occasion.