2007-09-07 Saskatoon


Stopped over in Saskatoon! Woo hoo! Never left the airport, but did board a wee CRJ to jet me the rest of the way to Vancouver.


2007-09-08 Vancouver


Last year for Hallowe’en, my pumpkin carving was that of a pumpkin…so this year it was of carved pumpkin carved onto a pumpkin. The jack o’lantern was of a jack o’lantern.


Spent much of the semester learning about international law for the moot next year. Actually, that took up most of my time, that and the annoying job application process. I’m pleased to have found a proper summer law job for the summer…not that I’d be heart broken to return to the Law Review.

Outdoor soccer was a muddy mess this year. I once covered myself so muddily from various dives and slides that I went to the Osborne Gym (leaving a track of sludge behind me) and showered just so that I could be let on the bus, let alone feel remotely comfortable.



London 2005-12-09


My exam schedule allowed for an early end to the semester (imagine that) and I came to school with two big bags (one full of Canadian goods for Rita+Stu), printed off and handed in two papers and then headed to the airport and it was off to the UK! And where do I first land, Heathrow of course, and where is a jet-lagged me laid up for three extra hours because the airport is fogged out, Heathrow of course.  But eventually we all crammed on to the short flight north.