2005-05-15 Whistler


Volkmar came to visit Vancouver as he so often does.  I do quite the same to a few places in Europe whenever I can. I had to work, so we couldn’t go on one of our classic road trips, but we did manage to rent a car for a day and drive out East (to Langley where an auto parts store was closed) and then up North to Whistler, just because it was somewhere to go. The weather wasn’t great, so alas the Sea to Sky Highway was not at it’s best.


2005-06-24 Vancouver


Work at the Law Review has been fun and it goes down as being another enjoyable summer job. It may be a bit dull to be on campus everyday, but another summer in the city is quite fun.


 The Book Club keeps rolling along, although three is no rhyme or reason to our book club choices. Not to worry though, since we always seem to talk about something, even if it isn’t the book of choice.


The first half of the summer had crappy weather, but somehow it had the most attempts at Beach parties.  And if a soccer game breaks out…all the merrier!


I had been thinking about having a little party in Vanier for a while, and it finally came to pass.  Not exactly as I imagined, and I think the group was smaller than we somehow thought it would be.  In any case, Rita, Stu, John, myself and for a while Julie, where all camped out in Vanier.  I got room 405 once again, but in Kootenay, which was a little strange.  By equally strange coincidence, Rita got her first year room of 412.  The caf was closed, the commons block different, dinner and breakfast were in the village, which was more a 4th (5th-6th) year thing than anything.  Jeff Keating wasn’t home…no calls to Tim Tsuji, but we did go to the Pit, to Wreck… it was nostalgia, but it wasn’t a reunion. It was friends for 8 years continuing to be friends, just in an old place.


2007-07-21 Calgary


Went off to Calgary for the weekend. Too short, but what can you do. Lindsay had to work, so I had a day to myself and managed to have lunch with Gill. Saw Chan as well, which is always a treat.


2007-07-25 Vancouver


Hye-Soo from way back in Fairview days came to Vancouver for a week. And most excellently, she was someone with whom I could go to the PNE! I have never been to the west coast edition of the CNE (yes, the Toronto-centricism never dies). It was fun, I was also pleased to see Pacific Coliseum and Hastings Race Track for the first time up close. Had mini donuts, but off course.


2007-08-30 Toronto


With the Law Review issue (almost) on its way to the printers, I had just enough time to jet home and see the family and the beloved (if unlived in by me) hometown. I was there a week, almost, which is still not enough time to run around, see everything and take in all the changes and the similarities. I wonder how long it will take before people are quite annoyed by all my fleeting visits.