2004-08-25 Lausanne

Went down to Lausanne to visit Pierre. Went through Zuerich, but only had enough time for a quick walk around the Train Station. The train I took down to Zuerich HBf was Swiss and very comfortable. The tilting train I took onward to Lausanne was also quite spiffy. Yep, travel is good.

Lausanne was dark and wet when I arrived, and Pierre and I headed to his place as he had a cold. We explored the city in the day. It was cold and grey, but Lausanne was pretty enough. In the evening I made sushi for Pierre and a bunch of his friends (who were old roommates with many stories to tell…)

2004-04-27 Fribourg

Took the train out to Fribourg with Pierre to have lunch with his family and see a bit more of Switzerland. It was very picturesque, and with better weather too. Certainly supported Pierre’s claims of "Paradise." Had a sumptuous meal with Mme. Yanni and Pierre’s sister Veronique. She even made a fresh cake and gave me Swiss chocolates. Ah, Paradise!

2004-08-30 Paris

Back to Paris, and this time it was grand! The overnight bus was its usual choppy sleep, but the day was spent wandering and shopping and eating and exploring. The clouds cleared mid-afternoon and the blue sky lead to the most spectacular dusk. I went to La Defense and my calm tourism was interrupted when I was dumbstruck by this most beautiful girl. And then thirty seconds later she was gone, which is probably a good thing. She was mesmerising, and I have no want of sirens.

In the evening I took the train to the airport and settled into the near empty terminal 2E. I slept so well on the Airport floor that I hit the snooze button in the morning. When I went to terminal 3, I could see how many other charter victims spent the night there. It looked like a homeless shelter. I had the aisle to myself and cruised home. My cheapest transatlantic flight ever had also been one of the comfiest.

2004-08-31 Toronto

Back home. The time flew by, and I barely had time to recover from my trip before heading out west. Did manage to squeeze in a family birthday celebration.

2004-09-06 Vancouver

Was part of a big triple birthday celebration at Rita’s. She hosted, made most of the food and spared John and I the need to fuss about our birthday’s by mooching of her. The birthday did feature a game of soccer in the morning, which was most fun. Julie made an Ant shaped cake and we were all quite full by the end of it all.