2004-07-28 St. Andrews

Up to St. Andrews to visit Auntie Mary. Didn't get to play golf, but did go to three church services in one evening (Pilgrimage thing) and wander through nettles and cow fields near Doune. Och aye!

Also spent an afternoon with a very pregnant Joanna and everyone else who was assembled in St. Andrewís. I played with the twins (2 years-old) and Rhiannon (or was it Eve?) would happily rush over and knock over the stacking cup towers that I would build. If only women my age were similarly impressed. Iíd be very popular.

2004-07-31 Stratford-upon-Avon

Came down to Stratford with my parents. Mom and I went to a very entertaining play at the Swan. The next day we went to a pub near Shakespeareís momís house and had a nice lunch in the beautiful weather. The pub was playing Christmas carols and was festively decorated. They were advertising their Christmas Supper and encouraging people to book ahead. I canít imagine anyone ordering Turkey in that heat. Santa did come for the kids.

Spent the week as an Au Pair. Sheena unfortunately got sick near the end of the week, so there really was only once day that I was the only adult around. Still we managed to entertain ourselves (not too much PlayStation I hope) and the week flew by. Andrew had his Birthday party at a big play barn, which was a most energetic affair.