2004-07-22 Singapore

Returned to Singapore for one last night before heading out back to London. I should have gone to the airport sooner, so I could have time to use the free swimming pool, free internet, and all the other services that makes the airport one of the top in the world. It was Lindsay who had to spend the night there, so I hoped she wouldn’t suffer too much, as we were both still trying to kick our colds. The flight wasn’t full, so I had a bit more space to stretch out and I was able to sleep (although I missed most of all the freebies!)

2004-07-23 Paris

CDG wasn’t so bad this time. Maybe, because I had lots of time. Even the over priced croissant was pretty good. The airport had mimes go around to entertain the kids. It struck me as being very French. My onward flight was late and very full, but at least I got some snooze time in the departure lounge.

2004-07-23 London

Arrived in London in the mid-afternoon. Went down to Kings Cross to dump my big bag and then headed to Embankment to meet Ian. Four pubs and many beers later we went back to his place in Ealing to try some Malaysian Guinness (7% Alc/Vol!) that I had brought. I had Chips and Cheese to hold me over, which only cost $4 (compared to $10 for a bake potato). Had a lazy morning in Ealing. Went to the town for food, Ian and Neil had bacon butties and I had good cheese sandwiches. Ah, the good life.

2004-07-25 Edinburgh

Edinburgh saw a massive family reunion that was brought about by Aunty Frances' and Uncle Jimmy's 50th Wedding Anniversary. The weather couldn't be better, in fact it was a little too hot. It was nice to see everyone, although by the second half of the festivities I had kicked off my shoes and joined the soccer game. I was secretly hoping it would descend into this, although few adults were keen to join. Hooray for kids.

The weather was perfect and it was fun to stay with Christine, Mike and Emma. She is such a helpful and fun kid to play with.